About Me

Hi There!
My name is Jason Brown, and I used to live for surfing! (Wave Skiing)

That was when I was crowned Sunshine Coast Wave Ski Club Campion. (1991 & 1992) My perspective on life changed New Years Day 1993. (More detail here.) I love animals, & I used to run PAWED (Pets Are Walked Every Day), a pet minding, dog walking and house sitting business on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. (www.PAWED.biz) I am an Independent Business Owner with ACN, an international company providing essential services solutions to home & business owners alike, throughout Australia, & in 23 countries, globally. Telecommunications and power are just the beginning of what we offer. To see how ACN can help you to save money (& you would be helping me to stay in China, as a VOLUNTEER English Teacher), please visit www.jasonbpawed.acndirect.com. If you have an eye for opportunity, visit www.jasonbpawed.acnibo.com to see what Donald Trump & others have to say about ACN.

I’ve wasted too much of my life already to worry about what the future may hold. I Enjoy Life. I try to Care for People, NOT things – to use things, NOT People. I desire to be rich, so that I am able to help others with the money. I pray for world peace – but it starts @ HOME!

Dallas and I

Dallas and I

Some Personal Info About Me:
Birthday – August 21
Sex – Male
Relationship Status – Single
Religious Views – CHRISTIAN!
Occupation: VOLUNTEER English Teacher, China
Education: – B. Teaching – Primary (currently enrolled), TESOL, YWAM, Hope Bible College, TAFE,
High School – Immanuel Lutheran College

My Contact Info:
The best contact for me is: QQ 1480745774 = 1480745774@qq.com.
(QQ is safe to download from imqq.com.)
Personal Email: me@JasonBrown.com.au. Australian Mobile: 0411 85 1913.
Text only to my China Mobile unless YOU are IN China, YOURSELF!: 182582171740 OR Skype Name: jasonbpawed

My Links:
Please support me in following the call God was placed on my life (to be a misionary in China) by visiting my Online Store and Browse All Products for ALL your Essential Services needs. http://jasonbpawed.acndirect.com/default_ap.asp?CO_LA=AU_EN
Visit my Home Page…
The ACN Opportunity… http://wwwjasonbpawed.acnibo.com
PAWED… http://www.pawed.biz
Visit My Blog… http://myblog.jasonbrown.com.au

My YouTube Page… http://www.youtube.com/user/jasonbacn
Facebook… http://www.facebook.com/jasonbacn
Facebook Email…  jasonbacn@facebook.com

Favorite Quotations:
Life is what you make of it. … If Life dishes up a lemon, will you get sour & bitter about it, or make perhaps make lemonade? … What will you choose?