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Running with Dallas

Running with Dallas

(Pets Are Walked Every Day)

Having had family pets for most of my life, I am well aware of the stress / trauma / upheaval and disruption to daily routine that kennels can cause. It can take weeks for a pet to recover from the experience.

Having tried hard to re-enter the work-force after I broke my neck at the start of 1993, when this idea came to me, I ran with it – literally! I started up a pet-friendly alternative – PAWED. Now all your pets can remain in their comfort-zone (at home), and your dog can remain security for your home while you’re away (rather than letting everyone know that you’re not home, because the dog is not there). Going on Holidays, Business or an Unexpected Trip? Leave all your pets happy at YOUR HOME, giving Security & Peace of Mind!

Busy, Sick or Injured? We’ll give your Dog the proper Exercise & Fun it needs! PAWED has been serving the Sunshine Coast since late 2003 and is expanding to offer more service to more people. Our service includes walking, running and/or swimming all dogs (or cuddling cats). We feed your pets (the food is to be supplied by the owner) and also clean up the droppings in the yard / litter tray. We can also administer required medication, and we offer a clipping service. Other services included for free are collecting mail & putting wheelie bins in/out. I also offer live-in Pet-Sitting. Live-in Pet-Sits include pm & am dog walks and care for all pets. Watering of house-hold plants is also inclded (written instructions to be provided). Our rates are affordable and we offer a senior/pensioner discount.¬†PAWED is all about finding local, caring pet-lovers. All walkers undergo a police check and have credible references for your peace of mind.

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