ArtTalk in HangZhou

I was blessed with doing 5 half -days of Guest Teaching at a company called ArtTalk. I was offer the opportunity by by a Chinese lady who fellowships at the same church as me, in Hangzhou. (But NOT the International Fellowship, obviously.) The children were about 5 years of age & very excited & enthusiastic to participate in artistically learning English. Each day I would do like a Sesame Street lesson, teaching one new number, letter & colour, then have them create the shape of them with objects (sometimes their own bodies) in that colour… Yeah… Unfortunately they have adopted the American way of spelling, so I just spelled colour WRONG! I teach them ENGLISH, not American, putting a slit between the U-posts, a dot above each, & a squiggle on top, saying: “The Americans have taken┬áthe smile out of English.


Attentive enthusiastic preschoolers