Hangzhou International Christian Fellowship

I am so blessed to have found HICF! In my second time to Hangzhou, I was walking down DaJingAlley (where HoFang YHA Hostel is located, off HeFangJie, the main pedestrian street / mall in Hangzhou) saying a silent prayer in my heart to find a place to fellowship with other Christians. God said to me, “Look up and Live!” So I looked up & saw a Cross! So I went to it, but there were only Chinese people there. Someone who could speak English informed me that at 11am on Sundays, there is an English speaking congregation. So I found a church I could call ‘home’.

It is a Bible-believing, tongue-speaking, miracle-practicing inter/multi-denominational Christian church of believers from all over the globe. The pastor was Australian, & on my first day there I had the opportunity to share my testimony with the whole church. I made some good friends there, who I emailed when I left China the second time, asking if anyone knew of a school / company who needed an English Teacher. Chris emailed me back saying that HE may be able to help, through an association with a company called PHICD (Phi Cultural Dissemination), who were needing an English teacher for their up-coming Summer Camp, in FuYang. So he got me the job, with a house provided, and an allowance paid for food.

Unfortunately, Ps Julian has now gone. I believe he was posted in the North of China, somewhere, but may now be ministering back in the home-land of his wife (Monica), New Zealand. The new Pastor is, in-fact ,the old pastor who Julian & Monica replaced, Pss Shane & Star Sauce. They are off for a few weeks, right now, but the body (fellowship) has many parts (members) who are willing and able to fill the gap.

ArtTalk in HangZhou

I was blessed with doing 5 half -days of Guest Teaching at a company called ArtTalk. I was offer the opportunity by by a Chinese lady who fellowships at the same church as me, in Hangzhou. (But NOT the International Fellowship, obviously.) The children were about 5 years of age & very excited & enthusiastic to participate in artistically learning English. Each day I would do like a Sesame Street lesson, teaching one new number, letter & colour, then have them create the shape of them with objects (sometimes their own bodies) in that colour… Yeah… Unfortunately they have adopted the American way of spelling, so I just spelled colour WRONG! I teach them ENGLISH, not American, putting a slit between the U-posts, a dot above each, & a squiggle on top, saying: “The Americans have taken┬áthe smile out of English.


Attentive enthusiastic preschoolers

26-10-12 – More ‘Work’ In China?

I had an ‘interview’ last night for an English teaching position at the FuYang InternationalTrade Centre Hotel FYITCH. It is not for a paid position, but they will feed me lunch every day in the staff canteen in exchange for conversing with the staff over their lunch whenever I go there to eat, & teaching for 2 hours on Tues & Thurs arvo’s. I start next Thursday @ 10.

Hello World!

Hi, my name is Jason. Welcome to my blog! :) This is my first entry.

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PS. This is me going off a canyon swing in New Zealand…