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JASON'S ABOUT ME: (various sources) Hi There! My name is Jason Brown and personally, I enjoy the beach and love animals. I run PAWED (Pets Are Walked Every Day), a pet minding, dog walking and house sitting business on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. I am also an Independent Representative for ACN, an international company providing telecommunications and power solution to home owners throughout Australia. I've wasted too much of my life already to worry about what the future may hold. I Enjoy Life. I try to Care for People, NOT things - to use things, NOT People. I desire to be rich, so that I am able to help others with the money. I pray for world peace - but it starts @ HOME! Some Personal Info About Me: Birthday - August 21 Sex - Male Relationship Status - Single Religious Views - CHRISTIAN! TAFE, HOPE Bible College, YWAM - Christian Studies High School - Immanuel Lutheran College My Contact Info: Visit PAWED… http://www.pawed.biz Visit My ACN Page.. http://jasonbpawed.acndirect.com/default_ap.asp?CO_LA=AU_EN Visit my Home Page… http://www.jasonbrown.com.au Visit My Blog… http://myblog.jasonbrown.com.au My YouTube Page… http://www.youtube.com/user/jasonbacn Personal Email: jasonbACN@gmail.com Mobile: 0411 85 1913 Screen Name jasonbpawed(Skype) Facebook… http://www.facebook.com/jasonbacn Facebook Email… jasonbacn@facebook.com Favorite Quotations: Life is what you make of... it. If Life dishes up a lemon,will you get sour & bitter about it, or make lemonade? What will you choose? About PAWED - Pets Are Walked Every day Having had family pets for most of my life, I am well aware of the stress / trauma / upheaval and disruption to daily routine that kennels can cause. It can take weeks for a pet to recover from the experience. Having tried hard to re-enter the work-force after I broke my neck at the start of 1993, when this idea came to me, I ran with it - literally! I started up a pet-friendly alternative - PAWED. Now all your pets can remain in their comfort-zone (at home), and your dog can remain security for your home while you're away (rather than letting everyone know that you're not home, because the dog is not there). Going on Holidays, Business or an Unexpected Trip? Leave all your pets happy at YOUR HOME, giving Security & Peace of Mind! Busy, Sick or Injured? We'll give your Dog the proper Exercise & Fun it needs! PAWED has been serving the Sunshine Coast since late 2003 and is expanding to offer more service to more people. PAWED is all about finding local, caring pet-lovers. All walkers undergo a police check and have credible references for your peace of mind. Our service includes walking, running and/or swimming all dogs (or cuddling cats). We feed your pets (the food is to be supplied by the owner) and also clean up the droppings in the yard / litter tray. We can also administer required medication, and we offer a clipping service. Other services included for free are collecting mail & putting wheelie bins in/out. I also offer live-in Pet-Sitting. Live-in Pet-Sits include pm & am dog walks and care for all pets. Watering of house-hold plants is also inclded (written instructions to be provided). Our rates are affordable and we offer a senior/pensioner discount. Pawed Cinema Ad: http://members.dodo.com.au/~terryrbrown/pawed/pawed%20cinema%20ad.wmv Pawed on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/user/PAWEDVideos Pawed You Tube Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpsKoEUtkGE About the ACN Opportunity My name is Jason Brown and I am an ACN Independent Business Owner & Independent Rep (Business ID 7250037482) - a self-employment direct marketing opportunity I have been pursuing since Jun 2007. ACN offer very affordable alternatives to telecommunications and energy services to home and business Australia-wide. ACN Telecommunications include Home and Business Products & Services for Phone, Mobile and Broadband, and now they offer Home Energy supply services. What if you'd been able to invest in internet boom, or the explosion in wireless? Would your life be different now? Well, the ACN Video Phone is set to do to the telephone what the telephone did to letter writing! Seize this opportunity! The best way to be truly successful in ACN is to help others to be successful. Friends helping friends to get ahead. Here is some information on the ACN Opportunity. These video clips give you an overview of why Network Marketing is the smart, sensible ticket to freedom - of both time and money... If you would like to learn more or attend a local meeting on the Sunshine Coast in Australia give me a call on 0411851913. Here's some You Tube Videos relating to the ACN opportunity… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CXNE7Lm7y4&feature=player_embedded http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrEf7laa_v0&feature=player_embedded http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwGHCqKCQ88&feature=player_embedded http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHOGLMCTI7g&feature=player_embedded http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqkNcSWf8nQ&feature=player_embedded

Hangzhou International Christian Fellowship

I am so blessed to have found HICF! In my second time to Hangzhou, I was walking down DaJingAlley (where HoFang YHA Hostel is located, off HeFangJie, the main pedestrian street / mall in Hangzhou) saying a silent prayer in my heart to find a place to fellowship with other Christians. God said to me, “Look up and Live!” So I looked up & saw a Cross! So I went to it, but there were only Chinese people there. Someone who could speak English informed me that at 11am on Sundays, there is an English speaking congregation. So I found a church I could call ‘home’.

It is a Bible-believing, tongue-speaking, miracle-practicing inter/multi-denominational Christian church of believers from all over the globe. The pastor was Australian, & on my first day there I had the opportunity to share my testimony with the whole church. I made some good friends there, who I emailed when I left China the second time, asking if anyone knew of a school / company who needed an English Teacher. Chris emailed me back saying that HE may be able to help, through an association with a company called PHICD (Phi Cultural Dissemination), who were needing an English teacher for their up-coming Summer Camp, in FuYang. So he got me the job, with a house provided, and an allowance paid for food.

Unfortunately, Ps Julian has now gone. I believe he was posted in the North of China, somewhere, but may now be ministering back in the home-land of his wife (Monica), New Zealand. The new Pastor is, in-fact ,the old pastor who Julian & Monica replaced, Pss Shane & Star Sauce. They are off for a few weeks, right now, but the body (fellowship) has many parts (members) who are willing and able to fill the gap.

ArtTalk in HangZhou

I was blessed with doing 5 half -days of Guest Teaching at a company called ArtTalk. I was offer the opportunity by by a Chinese lady who fellowships at the same church as me, in Hangzhou. (But NOT the International Fellowship, obviously.) The children were about 5 years of age & very excited & enthusiastic to participate in artistically learning English. Each day I would do like a Sesame Street lesson, teaching one new number, letter & colour, then have them create the shape of them with objects (sometimes their own bodies) in that colour… Yeah… Unfortunately they have adopted the American way of spelling, so I just spelled colour WRONG! I teach them ENGLISH, not American, putting a slit between the U-posts, a dot above each, & a squiggle on top, saying: “The Americans have taken the smile out of English.


Attentive enthusiastic preschoolers

26-10-12 – More ‘Work’ In China?

I had an ‘interview’ last night for an English teaching position at the FuYang InternationalTrade Centre Hotel FYITCH. It is not for a paid position, but they will feed me lunch every day in the staff canteen in exchange for conversing with the staff over their lunch whenever I go there to eat, & teaching for 2 hours on Tues & Thurs arvo’s. I start next Thursday @ 10.

Hello World!

Hi, my name is Jason. Welcome to my blog! :) This is my first entry.

Want to know more about me? Go to the “about me” page. Personally, I enjoy the beach and love animals. I also love travelling. This blog has some info on my life, my businesses, and my travel experiences – enjoy!


PS. This is me going off a canyon swing in New Zealand…