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My name is Jason. I am an ACN Independent Representative living on the Sunshine Coast.

Here is some information on the ACN Opportunity. ACN offer very affordable alternatives to telecommunications services Australia-wide.

These video clips give you an overview of why Network Martketing is the smart, sensible ticket to freedom - of both time and money...

Personally, I enjoy the beach and love animals and have a business called PAWED (Pets Are Walked Every Day!) - http://www.PAWED.biz

Donald Trump says....

Robert Kiyosaki Part 1 - An introductory video by famous Robert Kiyosaki.

Robert explains the fundementals on how to build and grow your wealth. Robert is famous for the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". It is all about values.


Robert Kiyosaki Part 2 - This video is a followup to the above video. It's about business skills!

Network marketing allows you to get into business at low overheads and helps you to transition your values!


Here is an Official ACN Promo Video about the ACN Opportunity. It features Donald Trump.

ACN provides essential telecommunication services for the twenty first century. Find a balance with work and life.

In this video Tim Herr talks about his experiences prior to and after joining ACN. He followed the system and grew his business.

This is an overview of the ACN Business opportunities that can come your way from becoming an ACN Representative.


Our products are sold through network marketing.

Matt Morris explains his experiences. He is now a multi-millionaire.

Crystal McMullin talks about her story with ACN. Within twelve months of starting they were able to go into ACN full time and give up their day job. It is a typical ACN story....